An Efficient Connected Components Labeling Algorithm Put Forward for Sonar Imaging

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In object detection of high frequency sonar image, it needs to get the parameters of foreground objects after image segmentation. At present, the method usually used is connected component labeling algorithm. Connected Components Labeling Algorithm means labeling the connected components with the same marks and un-connected different.

Compared with optical image, the sonar image resolution is lower, and the sonar image generally has no very complicated graphics to process. According to the characteristics of sonar image, Dr. XU Yanwei and Prof. XU Feng of Sonar Imaging Technology Lab, Institute of Acoustics carried out a series of researches and put forward a new type of connected components labeling algorithm. The new algorithm can quickly get the number of objects in the processing sonar image, and each object's position, area and other features. This algorithm has been realized on VC ++ and used in sonar image processing in real time.

Results of real time image processing