ThinkIT Lab Won Champions on International Music Retrieval Contest

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(Li Ming, from ThinkIT lab) Music group of ThinkIT lab won three champions on Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange(MIREX2009) organized by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. More than ten research groups  from America, Europe and Asia joined the contest.

MIREX is the widest participation contest in music information retrieval (MIR) field in the world. This contest holds annually and proposes new competitive tasks every year to keep up with the change in MIR field. The contest includes most research topics in MIR filed from traditional tasks such as Query by Singing/Humming task and Audio Genre Classification task to newest tasks such as Audio Music Mood Classification and Audio Tag Classification. There are twenty four competitive tasks this year. Every team can participate in tasks as many as they like. Music group of ThinkIT lab of Institute of Acoustics took part in eight tasks in 2009. They got champions in the task of Audio Genre Classification (Latin Set, including 15 teams), Audio Genre Classification (Mixed Set, including 12 teams) and Audio Music Mood Classification (including 14 teams) and got second place in the task of Audio Classical Composer Identification.