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Popularization of scientific knowledge
Sound Fields Radiated by Simple Sources - pressure sound fields produced by monopole, dipole, and quadrupole sources [2009-03-23]
Longitudinal and Transverse Waves - Particle Motion for Longitudinal, Transverse, Water and Rayleigh Surface Waves [2009-03-23]
The Doppler Effect - moving sound sources and sonic booms [2009-03-18]
Refraction of Sound Waves - how temperature gradients make sound waves change direction [2009-03-18]
Phase changes upon reflection from hard, soft, and mixed boundaries [2009-03-18]
Fourier Decomposition - building a wave shape from sines and cosines [2009-03-17]
Superposition of Two Waves - Interference, Standing Waves, and Beats [2009-03-17]
Wave Motion in Space and Time - distinguishing between the time behavior and spatial behavior of waves [2009-03-17]
What is a Wave?- a disturbance which travels through a medium [2009-03-17]
How is Sound Intensity Measured? [2008-11-24]
Why Measure Sound Intensity? [2008-11-24]
Where does vibration come from? [2008-11-24]
What is Vibration? [2007-07-27]
Sound Fields [2007-05-31]
What is Sound Intensity? [2007-05-28]
Sound Pressure and Sound Power [2007-05-24]
Environmental Noise [2007-05-17]
What is noise? [2007-05-17]
Sound Propagation [2007-05-15]
The Basic Sound Level Meter [2007-05-14]

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