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Popularization of scientific knowledge
How Submarines Work: Power Supply [2013-01-04]
How Submarines Work: Navigation [2013-01-04]
How Submarines Work: Rescue [2013-01-04]
How Radar Works [2013-01-04]
How Radar Works: Echo [2013-01-04]
How Radar Works: Doppler Shift [2013-01-04]
How Radar Works: Understanding Radar [2013-01-04]
How Acoustic Ventilation Works [2013-01-04]
How Acoustic Ventilation Works: How Sound Works [2013-01-04]
How Acoustic Ventilation Works: Acoustic Ventilation Materials and Methods [2013-01-04]
How Acoustic Ventilation Works: Applying Acoustic Ventilation to Your Home [2013-01-04]
What is white noise? [2013-01-04]
Simple Harmonic Oscillator - with and without damping, transfer of energy between kinetic and potential forms [2009-04-01]
Reverberation Times in a small room - sound files and plots for measurements of T60. [2009-03-25]
Driving room modes & source location - How does the (resonance) response of a room depend on source location? [2009-03-25]
Examples of Dispersive Waves --- Flexural waves and Quasi-longitudinal waves on a rod [2009-03-25]
Waves in Dispersive Media - when wave speed depends on frequency [2009-03-25]
The Baffled Piston - approximation of the sound field radiated by a loudspeaker [2009-03-23]
Sound field radiated by a Tuning Fork - animations to accompany a paper submitted to the American Journal of Physics [2009-03-23]
Sound Radiation from Cylindrical Radiators - particle motion and sound fields produced by vibrational modes of a cylinder [2009-03-23]

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