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The Sound of Silence: Noise Prevention
Update time: 2015/10/21
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Despite the innovative means scientists have devised to combat noise in the environment, no technology has been developed that can effectively silence all noise. So, public policymakers have turned to noise-abatement laws to reduce the amount of noise in the environment. For example, strict rules dictating that planes maintain a certain altitude over populated areas have greatly reduced the number of people affected by the roar of airplanes taking off and landing at airports. Some experts consider such planning at least as important as technological advances in noise reduction.

In the future, regulations limiting the sound levels that can be emitted by automobiles and other products could do even more to reduce the amount of noise in the environment. Thus far, governments in Europe have been more vigorous about such regulations than has the United States. For example, in France, appliances such as washing machines cannot be sold unless they meet strict noise requirements.

While people still endure a great deal of noise in their daily lives, scientists and governments are making advances toward a quieter world. Although the world will probably never be as quiet and peaceful as before the days of heavy machines, it may be well to remember that even the ancient Romans had to cope with noise.

(Source: How stuff works?)

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