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Research Progress
Aerial Acoustic Communication Is Available for Hundreds of Meters [2015-09-16]
Use Transducer Array to Transmit Anti-Reverberation Acoustic Data [2015-09-16]
Scientists Construct Ultra-sparse Metasurface for Blocking Low-frequency Sound [2015-09-01]
How Does the Background Field Affect the Numerical Accuracy of the Finite Element Simulation of Induction Logging? [2015-08-28]
Perception of Visual Apparent Motion Is Modulated by a Gap within Concurrent Auditory Glides, Even When It Is Illusory [2015-08-26]
In Deep Water, the Horizontal-longitudinal Correlations of Acoustic Field in the Convergence Zone Are High [2015-08-05]
A Novel and Robust Muscle Activity Onset Detection Technique by Using an Unsupervised Electromyogram Learning Framework [2015-07-31]
A New Explanation of the Fundamental Mode Love Wave in Devices Incorporating Thick Viscoelastic Layers [2015-07-22]
Love Wave Based Humidity Sensors Incorporating Multiple Layers Show More Valuable Application Prospects [2015-07-21]
In Deep Water, Seamounts Show Reflecting and Shadowing Effects on Sound Propagation [2015-07-20]
How Does the Division between Early and Late Reflections Impact on Intelligibility of Ideal Binary-masked Speech? [2015-07-02]
Exploiting Write Power Asymmetry to Improve Phase Change Memory System Performance [2015-06-03]
A New and Robust Algorithm to Calibrate Mutual Coupling of Circular Array [2015-05-26]
In the Multiplicative Observation Noise Model: Generalized Iterated Kalman Filter Yields High Estimation Accuracy [2015-05-25]
Muscle Activity Measurement Using Electromyography Burst Presence Probability in the Time-Frequency Domain [2015-05-21]
A Method Helps to Capture the Sound Absorption Features of Anechoic Coatings [2015-05-07]
Radiation Efficiency Is Much Influenced by Structural Damping [2015-05-05]
Is There Any Influence of Enclosure Wall Vibration on the Frequency Response of Miniature Loudspeakers? [2015-05-04]
A Promising Surface Acoustic Wave Acceleration Sensor for Inertial Applications [2015-04-22]
A New and Robust Constant False-alarm Rate Detector for Non-Rayleigh Radar or Sonar Data [2015-04-15]

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