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Research Progress
In Noisy and Reverberant Environment, Improved Multi-channel Post-Filtering Offers Robust Speech Enhancement [2016-07-29]
Automatic and Noninvasive Way Is Found to Detect Wheeze [2016-07-04]
A Tunable Rao Test Can Offer a Tradeoff between the Two Performance Metrics for Matched and Mismatched Signals [2016-06-07]
Exploit Symmetric Spectrum to Improve the Detection Performance for Point-Like Targets [2016-06-07]
Mass Sensitive Area Analysis of a Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator Optimizes a Sensor’s Design [2016-05-18]
P-matrix Adopted for Accurate Analysis of Surface Acoustic Waves in Piezoelectric Phononic Crystals [2016-05-16]
Acoustic-based Traffic Monitoring System Achieves High Highway Lane Detection Resolution [2016-04-28]
Exploiting Prior Knowledges to Improve Detection and Range Estimation Performances of Radar [2016-04-13]
Inspect Liquid-filled Pipes Using the Up-to-date Double Zero-group-velocity Resonances [2016-03-28]
A Long-term Memory Effect Discovered Helps Control the Distribution of Cavitation Nuclei [2016-03-28]
Acoustic Filter Using Phononic Crystals Helps Accurately Measure the Parametric Loudspeaker [2016-03-15]
Measure Sound Absorbing Materials’ Properties in situ at Low Frequencies for Our Rooms’ Acoustic Comfortableness [2016-03-08]
New Robust Sensor Appears to Detect Organophosphorous Compounds [2016-03-02]
Off-grid Model Can Synthesize Pattern More Accurately and Efficiently [2016-01-13]
Fast High-accuracy Algorithm of Direction of Arrival Estimation Applies to Both Single and Multiple Snapshots [2016-01-13]
In the Deep-water Area of the South China Sea, the Geoacoustic Inversion Method Is Used for Bottom Parameters [2015-12-30]
The First Effective Automatic Identification Algorithm of Yangtze Finless Porpoise [2015-12-16]
Robust Localization of Single Sound Source, Based on Phase Difference Regression [2015-12-16]
Directly Observe the Thermal Depolarization of Codoped PN High-T Piezoceramics with Simultaneously Enhanced Stability and Piezoelectricity [2015-11-27]
Ultrasonic Batch Processing to Reduce Ultra Heavy Oil Viscosity on the Industrial Scale [2015-11-27]

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