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Research Progress
Parameter Estimation Based Frame Synchronization Method Is Efficient and Reliable for Underwater Acoustic Communication [2016-10-28]
Reliable Statistical Procedures of Handling Sonar Data Help to Acquire More Accurate Estimation of Reverberation Statistical Model [2016-10-28]
Novel Combined Waveforms Offer Stronger Sonar Detection Performance [2016-10-27]
Optimized Acoustic Logging Transmitters Have Higher Transmitting Performance with Lower Resonance Frequencies [2016-10-25]
Scientists from Three Countries Work Together to Enhance Target Detection and Range Estimation Performances [2016-10-24]
The Symmetric Spectrum Shows Superiority in Partially Homogeneous Environment Detection [2016-10-24]
Researchers from China and the UK Work together to Improve Acoustic Techniques for Better Leak Detection in Fluid-filled Pipe Systems [2016-10-21]
Chinese and Italian Scientists Jointly Exploit Clutter and System Symmetry Properties to Improve Point-like Targets Detection Performance [2016-10-21]
A Powerful Experimental Tool of the Dynamic Photoelastic Technique Can Realize Incredible Phenomena in Backward Wave Propagation [2016-10-10]
IOA Scientists Form Antibubbles and Multilayer Antibubbles with Foams [2016-10-09]
The Surface Porous Layer Affects the Results of the Rayleigh Wave Exploration to Great Extent [2016-10-09]
A New Model Improves Stability and Accuracy of the Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Inversion Result [2016-09-27]
Simplified Dispersion Relationships Found for Fluid-Dominated Axisymmetric Wave Motion in Buried Fluid-filled Pipes [2016-09-27]
Confusion Clarified: Sonic Logging Can Measure Group Velocity of Anisotropic Media in a Deviated Borehole [2016-09-27]
Radiation Efficiency of a Damped Plate Is Much Influenced by the Convection Velocity in Turbulent Boundary Layer [2016-09-26]
New Imaging Method Can Fast and Reliably Locate Microseismic Source [2016-08-29]
Use a Binaural rather than Monaural Masking Model to Cancel Stereo Acoustic Echo [2016-08-22]
Single Acoustic Array Is to Track Low-Altitude Moving Target Trajectory [2016-08-22]
In Noisy and Reverberant Environment, Improved Multi-channel Post-Filtering Offers Robust Speech Enhancement [2016-07-29]
Automatic and Noninvasive Way Is Found to Detect Wheeze [2016-07-04]

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