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Research Progress
Theoretically and Experimentally Investigate Structural and Fluid Motions at Low Frequencies in Water Distribution Pipes [2017-07-17]
Passive Time Reversal “Listens” to the Ocean Remotely and Attentively [2017-06-16]
Stable and High Order Method Realizes Reverse Time Migration in Irregular Regions [2017-04-28]
High Speed Photography Finds Stability Mechanism of Cavitation Structures in Thin Liquid Layers [2017-03-21]
Particulate Thermophoresis Distribution Optimizes the Sensitivity of a SAW PM2.5 Monitor [2017-03-17]
Phase Difference Regression Localizes Multiple Speech Sources in a Robust Way [2017-02-13]
New Reverberation Suppression Method Enhances Sonar Target Detection Performance [2017-01-10]
Improved Noninvasive Way Detects Crackles More Accurately [2016-12-30]
Utilize Explosions as Active Sound Signals to Locate Underwater Targets [2016-12-28]
Bidirectional Turbo Equalizer Outperforms the Single Directional One for Underwater Acoustic Communications [2016-12-28]
Intelligibilities of Chinese Mandarin Sentences Differ among Various Frequency Regions [2016-12-20]
Multi-zone Sound Field Representation in Recording and Reproduction Requires Fewer Microphones [2016-12-20]
Variable Step-size Subband Adaptive Filter Improves Convergence Performance [2016-12-20]
A New Type of Acoustic Topological Insulator Is Realized by Metamaterial Rings Array [2016-12-12]
Real-time Methods Localize Multiple Speech Sources [2016-12-12]
Scientists Find a New-typed Colloidal System [2016-12-02]
Way Prediction Approach Can Reduce Set-Associative Data Cache for Digital Signal Processors [2016-11-23]
Grid Optimization Based Methods Obtain Accurate Estimate for Doubly Spread Channels with Quite Low Complexity [2016-10-31]
Parameter Estimation Based Frame Synchronization Method Is Efficient and Reliable for Underwater Acoustic Communication [2016-10-28]
Reliable Statistical Procedures of Handling Sonar Data Help to Acquire More Accurate Estimation of Reverberation Statistical Model [2016-10-28]

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