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Research Progress
Modeling of Wind-Dominated Ambient Noise In Deep Water [2018-03-05]
Novel Failure Detection Circuit for SUMPLE Using Variability Index [2018-02-27]
How to Get Your Favorite Movie Fast Online?Novel Popularity-Based Neighborhood Collaborative Caching Algorithm Can Answer [2018-02-08]
Researchers Propose a Gain Factor Controlled SUMPLE Algorithm and System [2018-01-29]
Machine Learning Method to Locate Unseen Sources in Deep Water [2018-01-17]
Researchers Propose Intelligent CFAR Detector Based on Support Vector Machine [2018-01-10]
Source Localization in an Ocean Waveguide Using Supervised Machine Learning [2018-01-03]
Locating Weak Seismic Events by New Hybrid Correlation Stacking Method [2018-01-03]
Improved Discretisation Method Enhances Computation Precision in Noise Analysis of the Power System [2017-12-25]
Stochastic Approximation Method Enhances Robustness for Crosstalk Cancellation [2017-12-21]
Hitting the Rewind Button! Measure the Ocean Bottom by Reversing Ocean Noise Back to its Original [2017-11-30]
Specified Double-Layer Perforated Plate May be Used to Eliminate Low Frequency Noise in Large Wind Tunnel [2017-11-17]
Penetration-free Acoustic Data Transmission Achieves Effective Active Noise Control [2017-10-27]
Matching Pulse Waveforms Can Estimate Source Range in a Slope Environment [2017-09-26]
A New Compound Sound Absorber Improves Sound Absorptive Performance in Low- to Mid-Frequency Range [2017-09-15]
Impedance-Matching Acoustic Bend Improves Impedance Ratio and Increases Transmission [2017-09-15]
Iteration-based Time Delay Estimation Algorithm Speeds up Convergence [2017-09-06]
Knowledge-aided Method in Partially Homogeneous Clutter Enhances Detection Performances [2017-09-06]
Measurements of Ground Surface Vibrations Can Locate Buried Pipelines [2017-07-17]
Acoustic Signals Improving Correlation-based Leak Detection Techniques Performance [2017-07-17]

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