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Research Progress
Research Progress on Chinese-English Bilingual Speech Recognition [2010-04-19]
Optimization for Embedded Devices in Video Chat System Based on IPTV Network [2010-04-16]
Application of Span Prosodic Features on Speaker Recognition [2010-04-14]
Least Squares Lattice Equalizer with Embedded Phased-locked Loop in Underwater Communications [2010-04-12]
Spectral Subtraction Based on the Structure of Noise Power Spectral Density [2010-04-09]
New Progress in Putonghua Pronunciation Quality Assessment System [2010-04-07]
A Novel Method for Nonnative Speech Recognition [2010-04-06]
Observation & Study of A Kind of Low-frequency Atmospheric Infrasonic Waves [2010-04-01]
SOUND Environment around us: Evaluation of Acoustic Characteristics of Chinese Open-plan Office Environment [2010-03-31]
An Approach to Fast Automatic Polyphonic Music Transcription [2010-03-30]
A New Way for Human Face Classification [2010-03-24]
A New Method for Measuring The Absorption Coefficient of Sound Absorbing Materials in Situ [2010-03-23]
An Efficient Connected Components Labeling Algorithm Put Forward for Sonar Imaging [2010-03-18]
New Progress in Floating Raft System [2010-03-17]
ThinkIT Lab Won Champions on International Music Retrieval Contest [2009-11-06]
Strategy Workshop on Signal and Information Processing Study [2009-11-02]
Computer scientists offer smarter tool to spot porn websites [2009-02-20]
Pace from research to application: Objective Singing Performance Evaluation Technology [2009-08-27]
Research on Encoding Phonetic Characters of Mongolian, Tibetan and Uyghur passed the final examination [2009-08-25]
National Network New Media Engineering Research Center launched the 3-Level CMMI Certification Program [2009-08-13]

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