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Research Progress
Effects on the Performance of Parametric Loudspeaker Caused by Nonideal Ultrasound Transducer [2010-08-20]
A Transient Method for Measuring The Gas Volume Fraction in A Mixed Gas-liquid Flow Using Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy [2010-08-16]
The Chebyshev Spectral Element Method Using Staggered Predictor and Corrector for Elastic Wave Simulations [2010-08-13]
Propagation Characteristics of Guided Waves in A Rod Surrounded by An Infinite Solid Medium [2010-08-12]
An Adaptive Neighbor Selection Method for P2P Media Streaming System Based on Peer Capacity [2010-08-09]
Reconstruction of Non-uniformly Sampled Signals of Multiple Receiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar by Means of Synthesis Filter Banks [2010-07-27]
Mixed Doppler Compensation for Near-field Focused Beamforming of Forward Looking Sonar [2010-07-23]
An Automatic Targets Detection Method from SAS Images Based on Mean-Standard Deviation [2010-07-21]
Bonding Interface Imaging and Shear Strength Prediction by Ultrasound [2010-07-20]
Research on a port and starboard ambiguity conjugate canceling method for twin-line array [2010-07-14]
Generalized framework for nonparametric coherence function estimation [2010-07-07]
A Robust Algorithm for Binaural Audio Reproduction Using Loudspeakers [2010-07-01]
The Focus Steering for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Phased Array Based on Real-time Phase Shifts Calculating [2010-06-30]
Automated Essay Scoring System for CET4 [2010-06-23]
Simulation of Acoustic Well-logging Wave Field in a Radially Multilayered Fluid-saturated Porous Formation [2010-06-17]
A Spatial Domain Processing Method for Low Frequency Transducer Measurement in A Reverberant Tank [2010-06-13]
A Hybrid Scheme for Geoacoustic Inversion [2010-06-07]
Development and Analysis of Piezoelectric Flexural Micro-Machined Ultrasonic Transducers Base on ZnO Film on Silicon Substrate [2010-06-02]
Perturbation Characterizes of Ambient Sea Noise Caused by Submerged Objects [2010-05-31]
Normal Mode Wave-Number Estimation Using Horizontal Synthetic Aperture Array [2010-05-26]

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