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Research Progress
Researchers Propose Novel Pipeline Leak Location Method Based on Adaptive Phase Spectrum [2019-01-31]
How does the Manned Submersible Shenhai Yongshi Communicate with its Mothership Robustly? [2019-01-28]
Scientists Modify Reverse-Time-Migration for Crack Imaging in Thin Plate More Accurately and Clearly [2019-01-23]
New Love Wave-Based Device for Sensing Methane Gas Shows High Sensitivity [2018-12-07]
Localize Target Source with Complex Watson Mixture Model and Time-Frequency Selection [2018-12-04]
Review of Fast Affine Projection Algorithms [2018-11-28]
Recognize Acoustic Scene More Accurately with Scalogram and Deep Convolutional Neural Network [2018-11-27]
New Frequency Estimation Algorithm for Effectively Eliminating Time-Varying Multi-Tone Noise [2018-10-26]
Novel Acoustic Target Feature Analysis Method Based on Image Pattern Recognition Technique [2018-09-30]
Novel Wideband Dipole Logging Method Based on the Segment Linear Frequency Modulation Excitation [2018-09-29]
New Wave Field Separation Method for Imaging around the Horizontal Borehole [2018-09-29]
Researchers Propose A Fast Eigen-Based Signal Combining Algorithm by Using CORDIC [2018-09-19]
Novel DNN-based Speech Enhancement Using Soft Audible Noise Masking for Wind Noise Reduction [2018-09-19]
Researchers Revealed Mechanism and Dynamics of Hydrodynamic-Acoustic Cavitation [2018-09-13]
Researchers Propose a New Multiband-Structured Kalman Filter [2018-09-05]
Researchers Developed High Performance Current Sensor Based on SAW Response Theory [2018-08-20]
Researchers First Apply Direct-Adaptation Based Bidirectional Turbo Equalization to Underwater Acoustic Communications [2018-07-19]
Acoustic Scientists Propose High-Precision “Searchlight” to Scan Deep Sea Clearly [2018-07-13]
Novel Assembling of Machine Learning Methods for Link Prediction [2018-06-26]
Novel Method Using Deep Neural Network to Locate Source in Shallow Water [2018-06-19]

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