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Research Progress
A Pd/Cu Nanowires Coated SAW Hydrogen Gas Sensor with Fast Response and Recovery [2019-10-31]
An Improved Forward-Looking Sonar 3D Visualization Scheme of Underwater Objects [2019-10-31]
Researchers Proposed an Ultrasonic Coded Detection Method Based on Attenuation Matching [2019-10-11]
Researchers Proposed an Acoustic Asymmetric Diffraction Grating Based on Passive Parity-Time-Symmetric Medium [2019-10-10]
Researchers found the mechanism of signal amplitude distortion governing the accuracy of pipeline leakage localization [2019-09-16]
Researchers Proposed an Infrasonic Source Altitude Localization Method Based on Infrasound Ray Tracing Propagation Model [2019-08-16]
Researchers Proposed a Deep Learning Based Binaural Speech Enhancement Approach with Spatial Cues Preservation [2019-08-13]
Researchers Proposed a Parametric Elevation Control Approach for Binaural Reproduction [2019-08-13]
Researchers Proposed Packet-Length-Adjustable Attention Model Based on Bytes Embedding for Smart Cybersecurity [2019-08-01]
Novel Deep Learning Method for Broadband Ocean Source Localization with Big Data [2019-08-01]
Researchers First Apply Frequency Estimator based on Bayesian Inference to Narrowband Active Noise Control System [2019-07-26]
Variant Gated Recurrent Units with Encoders to Preprocess Packets Intrusion Detection Achieves Higher Accuracy and Detection Rates [2019-07-12]
Researchers Propose a Multiple-Measurement Vectors Reconstruction Method for Low SNR Scenarios [2019-06-24]
An Approximate Message Passing Based Near-Capacity Method over Severe Channels [2019-04-30]
Researchers Develop New Underwater Acoustic Carpet Cloak Based on Fluid-like Solid [2019-04-17]
The Statistical Characteristics of Sound Field Under Rough Surface in Shallow Water [2019-04-09]
How does SAW gas sensors response in real time? [2019-03-20]
Researchers Explore the Characteristics of Convergence Zone Formed by Bottom Reflection in Deep Water [2019-03-12]
Novel Detection of Multiple Noise-like Jammers for Radar [2019-02-20]
Researchers Revealed the 3D Horizontal Refraction Effects of Seamounts on Sound Propagation in Deep Water [2019-02-02]

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