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Computer can test Mandarin Chinese?! [2007-05-23]
The mysterious acoustic world opened to the society [2007-05-22]
Academic Lecture: Filtering and Identification for Multirate Systems [2007-05-22]
"General towed sonar platform" successfully passed the acceptance check [2007-05-22]
Colorful academic activities continues (IV) [2007-05-14]
Benefit common progress from mutual communication [2007-05-14]
National Network and New Multi-media Technology Research Center was approved to set up [2007-05-11]
Report on Transducer and Calculation Method of Array Numerical Value [2007-05-11]
Hou Ziqiang: A boom of Wimax in the next 5 years [2007-05-14]
New digital movie players [2007-04-08]
Colorful academic activities continues (III) [2007-05-14]
Colorful Academic Activities Continues [2007-04-18]
China launches new interactive broadband network [2007-03-12]
A great breakthrough in HRBSSS [2007-02-08]
State Councilor Chen Zhili visited IACAS [2007-01-29]
CAS institutes join forces to set up a lab for meso-scale maritime observation [2007-01-26]
Colorful academic activities will be put on [2007-01-25]
Signature ceremony for two research centers by IACAS and BAST was held [2007-01-15]
Anti-terror underwater monitoring system to be deployed for Beijing Olympic [2007-01-08]
The 6th National Assembly of Delegates of Chinese Acoustical Society was Held [2006-12-24]

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