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IACAS Attended ICSP 2018 Held in Beijing
Update time: 2018/09/30
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Source: State Key Laboratory of Acoustics, IACAS

The 14th IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP 2018) was held from August 12 to 16 in Beijing, China. Dr. LI Chao from the State Key Laboratory of Acoustics, IACAS attended this meeting and made presentation.

ICSP 2018 is the 14th session of the ICSP conference series, which began from 1990. To keep the pace with the theory and technology development of signal processing and the state of art of applications, the ICSP is being held once every two years.

During the conference, Dr. LI Chao presented recent research achievements about the frequency spectrum feature analysis of underwater acoustic target.

Researcher of IACAS was inspired for exchanging ideas with experts in signal processing, and learning latest research progress and hotspots in underwater acoustic engineering by this conference.

ICSP 2018 opeaning ceremony (Image by IACAS)

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