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IACAS Attended the OTO’18 Meeting Held in Japan
Update time: 2018/06/22
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Source: CAS Key Laboratory of Information Technology for AUVs, IACAS  

The OCEANS’18 MTS/IEEE Kobe /Techno-Ocean 2018 (OTO’18) was held from May 28 to 31 at Kobe, Japan. Prof. HAO Chengpeng, Prof. WU Yongqing, Dr. CHEN Dong, Dr. XU Lijun, Dr. YAN Sheng, Dr. XU Da and Dr. ZHANG Shuhao from the CAS Key Laboratory of Information Technology for AUVs, IACAS attended this meeting and made presentations. 

Under the theme of “Ocean Planet – It’s our home”, the OTO’18 attracted over 500 researchers and 100 businesses, universities, research institutes and government organizations. 

Researchers from IACAS, HAO Chengpeng, WU Yongqing, XU Lijun, XU Da, YAN Sheng, and ZHANG Shuhao, presented their papers respectively with the titles of “A novel weak target detection strategy for moving active waveforms”, “Doppler aided synthetic long baseline navigation for a fast-moving underwater vehicles”, “Preamble design with HFMs for underwater acoustic communications”, “Performance analysis of distributed fuzzy GO-CFAR detector in Pearson-distributed reverberation”, “Bistatic MIMO sonar space-time adaptive processing based on knowledge-aided transform” and “A speed measurement method using AUV radiated noise spectrum”. Furthermore, Prof. HAO chaired the Sonar signal processing 4 session. 

Researchers of IACAS were inspired for exchanging ideas with experts in ocean science, and learning latest research progress and hotspots in ocean acoustics and signal processing by this meeting. 


Researchers are presenting their papers. (Image by IACAS) 

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