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Institute A.M. Obukhov of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Visited IACAS and Renewed the Sci-Tech Cooperation Agreement Signed in 2014
Update time: 2018/06/05
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Source: Department of scientific and technological development, Key laboratory of noise and vibration, IACAS 

Based on invitation of Department of scientific and technological development and Key laboratory of noise and vibration from IACAS, a delegation from the Institute A.M. Obukhov of atmospheric physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, headed by executive deputy director Sergey kulichkov, visited the Institute of Acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS) from May 5 to May 13, 2018. Director WANG Xiaomin met with the delegation.

Director WANG Xiaomin and executive deputy director Sergey kulichkov renewed the sci-tech cooperation agreement signed in 2014 between the two institutes, which improves more cooperation contents and shows clearly development direction in future.

Based on the sci-tech cooperation agreement, both institutes planned to apply the BRICS international science and technology cooperation projects with Sastra University in India together.

Director WANG Xiaomin and executive deputy director Sergey Kulichkov are signing the sci-tech cooperation agreement. (Image by IACAS)

Director WANG Xiaomin shakes hands with executive deputy director Sergey Kulichkov. (Image by IACAS)

During this visitation, Prof. Igor Chunchuzov and Prof. Vitalii Pereplkin discussed with infrasound research group in IACAS about many topics, such as relationship between infrasound waves and earthquakes, infrasound waves associated with debris flow and long distance propagation of infrasound.

Dr. Daria Zaitseva gave a presentation titled ‘Impact of internal gravity waves on intensity of a turbulence in a stable atmospheric boundary layer by sodar’, showing the research achievements about sound radar in Russia. Then, Prof. Jun Yang, the director of key laboratory of noise and vibration of IACAS, introduced IACAS’s relevant research fields and newest progresses.

Graduated students in IACAS, research staffs of the Institute of atmospheric physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wuhan University attended this seminar.

Besides activities in Beijing, the delegation also visited Beihai station of IACAS in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

Researchers attend academic seminar. (Image by IACAS)

The delegation discusses research topics with IACAS. (Image by IACAS)

At the end of visiting, Prof. Kulichkov invited Director WANG Xiaomin and other scholars of IACAS to visit their institute in Russia. Both institutes are looking forward to more communication and cooperation in future.

The Institute A.M.Obukhov of atmospheric physics of Russian Academy of Sciences is leading the international level in infrasound propagation and signal processing. It is IACAS’s partner in Russian, and the cooperation between two sides has enjoyed a long history since July 2011.

From 2014, two institutes co-took scientific research project named Influence of natural and anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse and polluting gases on climate and ecosystem changes in Eurasia, funded by National Science Foundation of Russia. Each year, two institutes send several scholars mutually to discuss topics of infrasound propagation, signals processing and so on.

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