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Jiaolong Win the First Prize of 2017 State Science and Technology Progress Award, Whose Acoustic System developed by IACAS
Update time: 2018/01/10
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On January 8, 2018, the 2017 State Science and Technology Award Meeting was held in Beijing. Communist Party of China and state leaders Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Gaoli and Wang Huning attended and presented awards to the winners.

The scene of  the 2017 State Science and Technology Award Meeting(Image by Xinhua)

"Development & Application of Jiaolong Submersible" won the First Prize of 2017 State Science and Technology Progress Award for its outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation.

The award certificate of IACAS(Image by IACAS)

The development of the 7000m rated manned submersible Jiaolong is one of the key projects of the national 863 high technology program.

The Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS), as a co-developer, is responsible for Jiaolong’s acoustic system development.

The research team, led by ZHU Min, director of Ocean Acoustic Technology Center, independently developed some key equipment for Jiaolong, such as the underwater acoustic communication system and high-resolution bathymetric side-scan sonar.

The team developed a set of acoustic system with perfect functions, enabling Jiaolong to communicate, position, measure velocity, avoid obstacle, detect target and observe micro-topography in the deep sea.

More than 150 underwater operations during sea trials and applications proved the acoustic system’s advanced performance and reliability.

Part of the IACAS research team members attended the 2017 State Science and Technology Award meeting(Image by IACAS)

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